Dipartimento Tecnologie Energetiche e Fonti Rinnovabili

Current research activities

Current research activities of Dr. Gian Piero Celata


The Energy Technology Department carries out studies, analyzes, research, development and qualification of technologies, methodologies, materials, processes and products, advanced design, development of prototype systems, providing advanced technical services, transfer of technology and knowledge to the system production in the fields of renewable energy sources (solar thermal and thermodynamic storage systems, photovoltaics and SiC thin films, organic photovoltaics, PV graphene, bioenergy and biorefinery for the production of energy, biofuels, intermediate chemicals and biomaterials) and technologies energy efficiency and energy end-use (smart cities and rational use of energy, sustainable mobility and innovative transport, sustainable use of fossil fuels and advanced thermal cycles, hydrogen and fuel cells, energy storage for mobile applications and stationary, smart grids, ICT, robotics).

The strategic objectives are to contribute to diversification in the medium to long-term energy sources and at the same time to reduce emissions and energy dependency on fossil fuels, the spread of low-carbon economy, including through maximizing the use of energy, to compete to increase the competitiveness of Italian industry by reducing energy costs, and the productivity and profitability of agricultural production through the exploitation of waste.

The priorities of the activities of the Department take into account also the SEN (National Energy Strategy), the Agreement program with the Italian Ministry for Economic Development for Research of Electric System and the vision of SETPlan, EERA (European Energy Research Alliance), the BIC (Bio-based Industries Consortium), the SERIT (Security Research in ITaly), and the Horizon 2020 program.


The National Energy Technology Cluster, CTNE, coordinated and chaired by ENEA, has e-distribution, ENI, TERNA, Nuovo Pignone Tecnologie, CNR, RSE and EnSIEL as project partners. A list of over 80 subjects from the world of research and industry (both SMEs and large companies) has joined the CTNE, in addition to the endorsement by 15 Regions, including the 5 Convergence Regions, and the Autonomous Province of Trento.

The Energy Cluster aims to promote a catalyst action that combines and integrates the potential / skills of the various stakeholders and can act as a driver of sustainable economic growth in the territories and of the entire national economic system. In particular, ensuring that partners from the world of research and the industrial world work synergistically in the field of applied research and technology transfer, combining in a harmonious and constructive manner the aptitudes for research and development of one with the entrepreneurial needs of others.

The five-year Action Plan describes the most significant technological trajectories on which to direct the cluster’s activities in line with EU policies and strategies (Energy Union, SETPlan, COP21, Mission Innovation etcc ..), National and Regional (SEN, PNR , S3 regional etc.), enhancing the characteristics of openness and inclusiveness.


SIET S.p.A. was founded in 1983 by ENEA (Agenzia Nazionale per le nuove tecnologie, l’energia e lo sviluppo economico sostenibile – National agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment) and by CISE (Centro Informazioni Studi Esperienze – Centre for Information, Study and Experience – owned by ENEL) with the primary purpose of carrying out safety tests on components and systems intended for nuclear power plants. The company was given experimental structures of very high technological content, able to simulate the thermohydraulic loops of both existing nuclear power stations and new generation plants, full scale or at reduced scale.

Right from its foundation, the company has been based in the area of the Piacenza power station, now owned by Edipower, on the banks of the River Po. The location of SIET, inside an operating power station, has allowed the company to exploit for experimental purposes the fluids used in the production cycle, especially the superheated steam and the demineralised water at a high flow rate. On account of the services provided SIET has won over the years important recognitions, both from its own customers, ENEA, ENEL, Ansaldo, General Electric, Westinghouse, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Doosan, and from NRC, the nuclear power plant licensing Body in the United States.

Since 1996 SIET, in order to meet the new market requirements, has carried out an intense programme of diversification of its activities, which has allowed the company to emerge rapidly in the context of small/medium-sized companies at a national level. Making use of the experience gained and the human and material resources available, SIET has become a leader in Italy in the field of tests for the development and certification of components intended for power and process plants. The company team also allows us to supply services of applied engineering for research and development, training, technical-economic analyses and feasibility studies.